Pirates Take the Beach - White Lake Beach Resort, Montello, WI - Sept. 22-24, 2017

Arrrrg! We're heading to the White Lake Beach Resort for their First Annual Pirates Take the Beach extravaganza! We are dusting off our pirate hats, Christie is collecting new pirate jokes, and we are oh so ready to spend a weekend digging for treasure on the beach. There are accommodations galore and a restaurant right on site. There's also a full bar with beverages to satisfy the most savage pirate ... like three different kinds of kiddie cocktails, really, true story, THREE different kinds! Come on out and support this family owned business that continues to promote folk music in all its forms. Plus, PIRATES!

 Pirates Take the Beach

For more information on the resort and the event, head on over to the resort's event page: http://www.whitelakebeachresort.com/recreation-events.html 


Rosenvolk German Medieval Festival - Ferdinand, IN - October 20, 21, & 22Rosenvolk Medieval Festival

Bounding Main returns to the Rosenvolk German Medieval Festival in Ferdinand, Indiana.

The event is going to be at 18 Street Park, just 2 blocks from the Monastery, where we performed 2 years earlier in Ferdinand, Indiana. The event is running Friday through Sunday while Bounding Main will be appearing only on Saturday and Sunday.  There will be many performances from many talented faire acts and an evening's masquerade ball from 7:00 PM until midnight.  The festivities continue again on Sunday from 10:00 AM until 6:00 PM.

Billed as the only German-themed renaissance-type faire in the country the theme will be featuring activities and people from the Holy Roman Empire in the middle ages.  We are excited for the event organizers that it is now enjoying its third year of operation.

The organizers of the event is always looking for more vendors and volunteers so be sure to write to RosenvolkFestival@yahoo.com if you're interested in either opportunity!

The venue's address is: 422 E. 18th St., Ferdinand, IN.  Please find many more details on the event's web page at: http://www.rosenvolk.com.


Haef-Way House Concert - McHenry, IL - Saturday, November 11, 2017

Bounding Main at the Haef-Way HouseHouse concert hosts Robert "Ducky" Haefke and Elke Feldmann-Haefke invite you to join them at the Haef-way House in hosting Bounding Main in a house concert at their spacious McHenry home.

The Haefke House Concerts have welcomed a variety of performing artists over the last few years and Bounding Main is honored to be included in this talented group.

Elke says, "Okay, all you Bounding Mainiacs and aspiring Mainiacs, come hear beautiful harmonies, "jokes," Jon's knees, Dean's dancing, and more hijinks."  As this is a house concert there is no admission fee but there is an "at-will donation" that you can make to support the group.  They will also have CDs available for sale.

The venue's address is: 1819 Cashel Lane, McHenry, IL 60050. 



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