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Bounding Main Upcoming Performance Schedule

Bounding Main at International Shanty Fest Bie Daip — Appingedam, Netherlands — August 29-31, 2014

Gina resists getting on a canal boat in Appingedam.The International Shanty Festival Bie Daip is considered to be one of the premier maritime music festivals in the world. We are delighted to announce that we will return for our second appearance at this wonderful event. Many extremely talented groups will be joining us at this year, such as Armstrong's Patent, Monkey's Fist, "Les Mâles de Mer", Four 'n' Aft, Act of Mutiny, Le Souilles de Fond de Cales, Onstuimig Schuin, The Longest Johns, Unicorn, Yesterday's Men, Stout 'n Herring, The Ballina Whalers, Sheepsfolk, and more. This is just the beginning of our 2014 International Tour: we will be spending the week after this festival traveling and performing on our way to our next gig somewhere nearby the next weekend ...

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Bounding Main at Boei 12 — Groningen, Netherlands — Sept. 3, 2014 11:00 AM

Boei 12Here is one of our mid-week gigs during our seventh international tour!  Our agent, Janneke Woldhuis,  summed up this gig like so:  "Bounding Main from Chicago, Wbrew Pozorom from Poland, Yesterday's Men and Loctuptogether put a bit on its head ..."  Of course this means ... uh ...  We'll also perform with our host band, Armstrong's Patent!

Well, listen:  Boei 12 is a great continental restaurant in the amazing Dutch city of Groningen.  Don't be a dope:  hop on a plane and come on out for good times with four great maritime music groups in an awesome setting.

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Bounding Main at Paviljoen Overdiep — Appingedam, Netherlands — Sept. 4, 2014 12:00 PM

Hurrah!  We have news of another of our mid-week gigs during our seventh international tour!  Performing with us will be Armstrong's Patent, Wbrew Pozorom, Loctup Together and Yesterday's Men

Appingedam is the most charming city in the north of the Netherlands and  Paviljoen Overdiep is one of its most charming and delightful restaurants.

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Bounding Main at The Harbour Festival Papenburg — Papenburg, Germany — Sept. 5-7, 2014

This young maritime festival is presented in conjunction with the State Garden Show, so it should be a lovely blend of maritime and horticultural beauty, hearkening back to the bustling nautical passage of flowers in the 17th century throughout Europe.  This event will be at the end of our week-long journey in The Netherlands and Germany.  We expect to be doing smaller gigs and traveling around and enjoying the sights in between festivals.

Well, like the papers say, "Maritime Papenburger Vereine und Groupen präsentieren sich!" Maybe they should be saying, "Warnung! hier kommt Bounding Main!" Ahoy, Mates!

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